Since Sebastiaan Straatsma (1972, The Netherlands) started making, playing with form; function, non-function and context has been central to his work. Archetypes and objects with historical and emotional value fascinate him; the narrative they carry.

This lead to an ever-growing series of unique and handmade ‘Dustcollector’ sculptures, made from (brightly) coloured epoxy resin. Grabbing volume and form with just an open skin, not pretending to be functional at all but still referring to the well-known archetypes.

In 2006, vases became Straatsma’s subject of research. Fascinated by the archetypical ceramic vases, he started challenging their function, material and history. Originally, these kinds of vases were, not only functional but also, ‘canvases’ displaying contemporary drawings, symbols and representations of their time.

Straatsma has developed his own, very unique, technique. With each vase or object he follows a process – from an idea, a collage or sketch, to preparing a mould, mixing colours and making the sculpture by drawing, splattering and squirting the epoxy resin. Endless possibilities for construction and structure are merged into one single material. It can be used as a very thin, open, skin, but also be applied layer after layer, creating a thick and almost crude surface.

His works are part of Museum Boijmans van Beuningen collection, Stedelijk Museum and various private collections.

Timeline Dustcollector vases 2006 –
Update 2020

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